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A breakthrough in allergic rhinitis relief


New effective treatment of hay fever and other nasal allergies without the need for medicines. Conventional treatments for allergic rhinitis provide only temporary relief and a variety of side effects. The drug-free treatment with Bionase® provides continuous relief from nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, itching and teary eyes without any known side effects. Bionase® allows patients to make it through the day with a clear head and function normally both at home and at work.


The proven success of the Bionase®


The Bionase® has undergone clinical trials and has resulted in a significant reduction of allergic symptoms in most patients. These trials showed that the mucous membrane became less sensitive and a reduction in the allergic symptoms occured within two weeks. In most cases, the Bionase® will provide rapid relief. Some symptoms may abate or even disappear within the space of a few hours.


In the other cases this will take a few days. The main benefit of the Bionase® phototherapy treatment is that it is highly localised and does not affect other parts of the body as is the case with a great many medicines. Futhermore, the Bionase® provides long term relief with alleviation and even disapperance of the allergic symptoms.




Apply a low dose of red light during a 4 minute treatment session. Used as either the sole treatment or as a supplement to existing treatments, Bionase® provides relief for Rhinitis sufferers. Use the Bionase® treatment on a regular basis, starting with a minimum of 3 times daily in order to ensure optimal control of Allergic Rhinitis symptoms. Once symptoms are relieved, reduce the number of treatment sessions and use as needed.




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